[scene] (movement) {voice over}


{please remember to not go outside, it is no longer safe. Please remember to not go outside, it is no longer safe}


(walking down the hallway)

  • Fin- Look Jen we need to have a plan, do you think you are ready?
  • Jen- I think so I mean we are able to work on the precursor, so that is all the plan we need… right?
  • Fin-No one has been plugged in this long before, plus re-entry right after, we have no idea
  • Jen – we have some idea, the proto sailors. They’re back and they were fine.
  • Fin- Fine… until they came back to ərTH gravity, fine for a quarter millenia, they hope they got the… whatever that stuff is we get in right
  • Jen – I have the faith

(standing at the door looking at each other)

  • Fin- We got this

[As they walk up to the chamber, they put their hands in the gel and look hesitant, then they touch the rough patch at the top of there skull where you can see slight abrasions from the procedure they underwent.

They look at each other when the door opens and other people silently, somberly, walk-in

With all of the chambers having people standing next to them there is a pause that is awkwardly long.]

(everyone flinches)

{hello? Hello is this boat wide?....ok, hey, hi, I just got uploaded and still getting my bearings thank you to everyone who is here currently. You are all needed and appreciated. As you well know, all of us will make it in some form or another. We do this for ərTH. our home. We are the precursor to life. Onward.}

With that, the people begin to step into the chambers and slowly sink in.



In a time where movement is paramount. There became a place where you could move with out muscle, and live without dying. Through the course of the exploration of alternate states of being there were Hues who loved it, Hues that used it and Hues that grew to reject it. Soon enough the distinction between this and that became only a vibration.

The place that Hues called ərTH became fractured into different portions of desolate hubs of the Variable Intercranial Endocrine System or VIRES. The Hues that entered the chambers became known as the Virtuous. The Hues that decided to go into the chambers often fell in love with the worlds they created, rarely coming back to the world they were born into. The Hues that did often had a hard time readjusting mentally. The ones that did found that their bodies were not the same as when they first went in. Some developing deformities or a dependency from the gel that their bodies were submerged into for decades or centuries at a time.

While other sections became bubbling centers of thought, ideas and progress. An area known as The Levant. Occupied by Hues who would become known as The Tally. Consistently tinkering with the VIRES technology they created a way for Hues to travel far into space to explore and begin understanding the depth of the energy that created the space they occupied. While looking outward they were jarred by the observations of the travelers that came back known as Protostasis travelers or Proto sailors. There world was crumbling and there was much left to explore in the deep reaches of space.

Seemingly always neighboring The Levant were portions filled with chaotic riots of the nihilistic fervor. These areas known as Anima occupied by Solipsists. Harbored disdain for The Tally citing what was happening to the planet that they all lived on and how they were not doing more to correct the problem that they created.  

Both portions had a common struggle the ever-present effort to keep the virtuous in their chambers. For fear of what would happen to their bodies when and if they came out. However, there was an even more pressing problem, the magnetic field that was created by the energy powering the technology was creating separate atmosphere within the atmosphere of ərTH and causing the planet to cease to spin.

With knowing what was coming, the Hues of ərTH had a decision, bring those who were there, here. Or to move onward… and onward it became. Having sent out voyages into deep space before using the VIRES technology they understood how to keep the body sound for a few millennia at minimum. The task was imminent now that their world was ending. However, having grasped more about the evolution of space they understood that the light would eventually make the next planet in the system eventually habitable. Just not for an untold amount of years.

Terraforming was not a new technology. Cultivating a species to be able to survive another planet was not new either. Creating civilization was. One that they could rejoin. [showing faces with skills, descriptions, of talent etc] The Tally and the Solipsists soon came to an understanding of what they had to do and began creating the vehicles that would house the Hues that decided to leave ərTH.  All in preparation to continue living, or as they called it the evolution onward. Little did they know it soon would become a race.